Sammon Build Center

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Since 1991 Sammon Build Center has provided temporary housing to single-female heads of household and their children of both genders up to 14 years of age.

Each family has its own fully furnished apartment with kitchen and bathroom. On site services include case management, housing assistance, referral and monitoring to substance abuse, general and mental health and other programs. Site based childcare and recreation/after-school programs and Board of Education monitoring.

Client safety, empowerment and education are important headings, but we also focus on compassion, empathy and understanding.

Though funded by the Department of Homeless Services, we still depend on charitable donations of food, clothing and cash. These donations provide the little “extras” that make the difference between the necessities and offerings that warm the heart and ease the soul.

Sammon Build Center
Hope Toscano, Director
2294-96 Grand Avenue
Bronx, NY 10468
Phone: (718) 295-7777

If you are an individual or family in need of shelter visit Service Page.

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