Paradise Transitional Housing

The Paradise Transitional Housing Program provides direct services to homeless adults infected with the HIV/AIDS virus.

The PTHP consists of 58 single occupancy rooms in a three story walk-up. Each room is equipped with a private bathroom, refrigerator and furniture as stipulated in Local Law 49. All offices (administrative and social services), kitchen, common dining and lounge areas are located on the first floor.

The Paradise is also equipped with a sprinkler system throughout the facility, as well as, smoke detectors (in all 58 rooms) and an Emergency Public Address System. Additionally, the facility has a 24 hour video monitoring/recording system in the public areas, (front door, backyard, roof & stairwells) which is located at the front desk (Command Station) on the first floor.

As a provider of transitional supportive congregate housing, the PTHP was one of the first of its’ kind in the Bronx, and continues to serve as an innovator in providing services to homeless adults infected with the HIV/AIDS virus.

Since that time, the PTHP has operated as a 180-day transitional supportive congregate housing program providing services to homeless adult men and women who are also infected with the HIV/AIDS virus.

Since October 1, 1994, PTHP under Tolentine Zeiser Community Life Center, has serviced well over 6,000 homeless adult men and women infected with the HIV/AIDS virus. PTHP has successfully operated and continues to play a vital role in assisting homeless adults and preparing them for movement into permanent housing.

Paradise was also one of the first transitional programs in the Bronx to implement a “Wellness Model” of care combined with the “strengths’ perspective” (long before it became popular), as part of an Intensive Case Management (ICM) model and Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET).

As a result, PTHP was able to increase its’ effectiveness in empowering clients on topics related to medication adherence, HIV/AIDS education, substance abuse, relapse prevention, health issues, recreation, housing readiness, personal development and activities of daily living (ADL). ADL skills trainings focus on cooking, shopping, budgeting, housekeeping, personal hygiene and fire safety.

The success of PTHP practices is evident in our ability to successfully move an average of 15 clients per month into permanent housing.

PTHP provides a host of on-site services beginning with two meals (breakfast and dinner) per day seven days per week, (including group and evening snacks) individual and group counseling, ADL skills, housing, entitlements, education, employment/vocational assistance, referrals and daily recreation.

Another key focus in our approach is the engagement of clients on the topic of education, and the possibility of serving in a volunteer and/or employment capacity, based on an assessment of their previous work experiences and current skills. What we found at PTHP was that adults, who enriched their lives beyond recovery and housing, appeared to have significantly decreased rates of substance abuse relapse, and recidivism back into the Emergency Housing Placement System.

Paradise Transitional Housing Program
Sebastian Douglas, Director
2391-95 Grand Concourse
Bronx, NY 10468
Phone: (718) 364-7650
Fax: (718) 364-7613

If you are an individual or family in need of shelter visit Service Page.

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